28 Feb 2023

WTI alumnus now hiring!

Ilmari Soininen (MILE 16) is Principal Manager at Adam Smith International. He is now hiring a Coordinator for the Geneva office.

Coordinator|  Geneva (Adam Smith International)

We’re recruiting for a Geneva-based Coordinator as part of an anticipated one-year programme to support the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) Group prepare for WTO MC13. The Coordinator will attend and report on meetings of interest to the PIFS Group and monitor/synthesise WTO documentation on subjects of interest, working closely with team members.

Ideal candidate would be based in Geneva with at least three years of experience in working on multilateral trade issues, strong communication and presentation skills, and a demonstrated understanding of development issues for the Pacific.  Position would be full-time (or at least 80%) with a likely start date of mid-April and the candidate should have an existing right to live/work in France/Switzerland.  

Please send your CV and cover letter to Ilmari Soininen (MILE 16) Ilmari.Soininen@adamsmithinternational.com by latest 7th March (the earlier the better).