15 Sep 2023

Book launch "Making trade work for women: key learnings from the World Trade Congress on Gender"

The WTO’s book on Making Trade Work for Women was officially launched yesterday at the WTO Public Forum. It contains a chapter from WTI's Professor Elisa Fornalé.

SNSF Prof. Elisa Fornalé, member of the WTI faculty, is one of the authors of the WTO’s book on Making Trade Work for Women was officially launched at the WTO Public Forum

International trade provides women with economic opportunities as shown by research. But trade needs to work better for women because they still face higher obstacles then men to fully reap its benefits. In the last decade, more governments are including gender relevant measures in their trade policies, with the purpose of achieving gender equality in trade and make it more inclusive. They are being vastly aware that using trade to integrate women in the economy can have positive ripple effects on sustainable growth.

Supporting these policy trends, the WTO Gender Research Hub, an international network of trade and gender researchers, was created by the WTO in May 2021 and in December 2022, it organised the World Trade Congress on Gender, the first research conference on trade and gender held internationally. This publication, includes some of the most significant research presented at the conference.