20 Oct 2023

Registration opens for the Youth Trade Summit on Gender

The WTI is participating in the Youth Trade Summit on Gender on 13-14 November at the WTO. Registration for the event is now open to the wider trade and gender community. The Summit, which seeks to act as a “talent incubator”, will foster collaboration and networking among different generations of trade and gender stakeholders. The deadline to register for in-person attendance is 31 October.

Modesta Adjoa Nsowaa-Adu, WTI alumna and part of the WTI GEM team, has been selected to attend the Youth Trade Summit on Gender on 13-14 November at the WTO. Modesta is also one of the 3 young researchers selected to lead and present the Summit's research entitled ‘Investigating the Role of Youth in Gender Equitable and Inclusive Trade’. 

You can now register to attend the Summit too!

The Youth Trade Summit on Gender is organized by the WTO and the WTO Gender Research Hub in partnership with Spain, which currently holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The event is a milestone between the first ever World Trade Congress on Gender, held in December 2022 — which spotlighted research on women's economic empowerment through trade — and the second edition of the Congress.

Participation can be in person or online. All participants must complete an online application form. Participants have until 31 October 2023 (midnight) to register for in-person attendance. No on-site registrations will be accepted. After 31 October, it will still be possible to register for online participation.