31 Oct 2023

WTI Director of Studies visits Taipei

Two intense weeks of lectures and speeches for Prof. Van den Bossche, WTI Director of Studies.

From 23 October to 2 November 2023, Prof. Peter Van den Bossche, the WTI Director of Studies, is teaching a course in Taipei at the College of Law of National Taiwan University (NTU) on ‘WTO Law, Geopolitical Confrontation, Climate Change and the Chip War’. Prof. Van den Bossche is the 2023 Tsai Wan-Tsai Visiting Professor of International Law at NTU.

On 24 October, Van den Bossche gave the keynote speech on ‘Will the WTO’s Crown Jewel Ever Shine Again? Some Reflections on the Future of International Trade Dispute Settlement’ at the Taipei International Conference on Arbitration and Mediation. This conference was co-organized by Prof. Yueh-Ping (Alex) YANG, Director, Asian Center for WTO & International Health Law and Policy, NTU, and Prof. em. Yeong -Chyan WU, Chair, Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei.

On 2 November 2023, Van den Bossche will give at NTU the 2023 Tsai Wan-Tsai Law Chair Lecture on ‘Rules-Based International Trade in Times of Crisis?’

To conclude his stay in Taipei, on 3 November, he will lecture on ‘Looking Forward to the WTO Ministerial Meeting in February 2024: Will MC13 Be Better than MC12?’ at the National Chengchi University (NCCU).