29 Nov 2023

New short course! Digital Trade Law

What's peculiar about digital trade? And how is it regulated at multilateral and bilateral levels?

Mira Burri, WTI Lecturer, Professor of International Economic and Internet Law, Faculty of Law, University of Lucerne, Switzerland.

Next April, learn about the contemporary landscape of global digital trade rulemaking. Here’s more info and the fully syllabus.

The course "Digital Trade Law" explores the dynamic field of digital trade governance. It offers a deep understanding of the topic of digital trade, as well as of the emergent regulatory framework that governs it. This includes the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the detailed framework of rules developed in preferential trade agreements (PTAs). The course covers in this latter sense major agreements, such as the CPTPP, the USMCA and the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and gives a clear sense of the positioning of the key stakeholders within the preferential trade landscape and under the WTO plurilateral negotiations under the Joint Initiative on E-Commerce.

The course also explores the new generation of Digital Economy Agreements (DEAs) as legal innovation in the domain of digital trade regulation and as a new model of international cooperation in a technologically fluid environment. While the focus of the course is on global trade law, it also explores the important interfaces with domestic data governance regimes and the contestations around digital trade and privacy; digital trade and human rights; digital trade and sustainability, as well as data inequalities and the development dimension of global digital trade rulemaking.

Find the full syllabus here and below.


Mira Burri is Professor of International Economic and Internet Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lucerne, Switzerland. She teaches international intellectual property, media, internet and trade law. Mira’s current research interests are in the areas of digital trade, culture, copyright, data protection and data governance. Mira is the principal investigator of the project ‘Trade Law 4.0’ (ERC Consolidator Grant 2021– 2026; https://digitaltradelaw.ch/). She consults the European Parliament, UNESCO, ASEAN, the WEF and others on issues of digital trade and data-driven innovation. Mira is also a member of the Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation. Mira has edited the publications Trade Governance in the Digital Age (Cambridge University Press 2012) and Big Data and Global Trade Law (Cambridge University Press 2021). 

Course dates
11 April, 18 April, 25 April and 2 May 2024, 9:30 – 12:00 hrs

World Trade Institute (WTI), Hallerstrasse 6, 3012 Bern
This course is hybrid: it is offered on-site and online (Zoom).

The course is open to government officials, embassy staff, people working for international organisations and NGOs, WTI alumni Master students from the University of Bern or any other university worldwide.

If you are interested, please send an email to masters@wti.org

600 Swiss francs