17 Apr 2024

Watch the video: International Investment Law and Sustainable Development

Discover Course 2 of the WTI Summer Academy 2024

Different types of investment pose different challenges and opportunities for sustainable development. Further, over the last decade, the patterns of international production for goods and services determining international investment are increasingly being shaped by deep transformations resulting from climate change,  geopolitics and technology breakthroughs. These tectonic shifts have translated into domestic and international social and political  pressures to reshape the international investment regime.  Within this context, from a multidisciplinary perspective, this course will provide participants with a thorough understanding of these developments and how they are shaping international investment law. Further the course will explain the different types of investment, their impact on development, the evolution of the different international agreements covering investment, including the WTO, Preferential Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment Treaties, and how to leverage them in practice for sustainable development, including for purposes of managing conflict among stakeholders on the ground.

Summer Academy 2024
Course 2: International Investment Law and Sustainable Development
1-5 July 2024
Lecturers: Roberto EchandiKrista Navadakukaren and Mariana H.C. Gonstead