16 Feb 2018

Full house at Brown Bag seminar by Christian Häberli

With the experience and insights that only a panellist in 20 stages of five WTO dispute settlement cases can have, WTI Fellow Christian Häberli gave a Brown Bag lunch seminar at the WTI on 15 February on the topic: WTO Dispute Settlement: How Does it Really Work?

Dr Häberli was a WTO Panellist from 1996 to 2015 and has been a Fellow of the WTI since 2007. A consultant for scientific research and outreach activities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and in the Americas, he has produced over 60 publications on trade and investment issues related to agriculture, food security and food safety, obesity and malnutrition, water, climate change, employment, multilateral and regional trade, and development.

His Brown Bag seminar offered an assessment of the WTO dispute settlement from a practitioner’s perspective and posed relevant questions about whether or not the WTO dispute settlement can solve international governance failures such as climate change mitigation with trade measures.

The WTI regularly hosts Brown Bag seminars, to which the public are invited. For more information, please see the Events page of the WTI website.

Podcasts are also available of selected seminars, and can be found here.