15 Mar 2018

WTI researcher awarded prize for legal thesis

WTI associate researcher Charlotte Sieber-Gasser has been awarded the prestigious Walther Hug prize for her PhD thesis completed at the WTI.

In her thesis on ‘South-South Preferential Trade Agreements in Services: exploring the Scope for Development in International Economic Law’ she analysed the level of compliance of Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) in services with WTO law in general and the legal scope for flexibility in PTAs in services between developing countries in particular.

Dr Sieber-Gasser undertook her research within the NCCR Trade Regulation project, which ran for 12 years and was based at the WTI.

"For me personally, the prize is an independent confirmation of the quality of my research,” the researcher commented.

The Walther Hug prize is awarded in Switzerland to dissertations on legal topics that have received top marks and are of a very high scientific quality.

Charlotte Sieber-Gasser was one of 32 PhDs chosen for the distinction in the academic year 2015/6. The prize was awarded at the end of 2017.