12 Dec 2018

TradeLawGuide: A valuable tool for students and researchers

The founder of TradeLawGuide.com spoke to students at the WTI about the website’s innovative tools for researching WTO law. MILE 19 student, Daniil Orlov, told us how the website will benefit him in his studies.

The Founder and Editor of TradeLawGuide.com, Greg Tereposky, along with the Director of Sales, Susan Foote, presented about the extensive value of the website for students and researchers when researching WTO law. Current MILE 19 student, Daniil Orlov, attended the presentation and told us how the website’s various features will be useful for him in his studies.

Daniil Orlov

The presentation by Greg Tereposky and Susan Foote was an excellent overview of TradeLawGuide.com, which is a brilliant tool for getting insights and finding your way around WTO jurisprudence. It is an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly platform which will come in handy when conducting research in the WTO world.

What I found of particular importance is the intuitive Subject Navigator, where the subject matter of any WTO provisions and instruments can be found with clear references to the original documents. This extensive information will make research much more enjoyable for me.

Also, the possibility of browsing all relevant jurisprudence for WTO cases online in one place without needing to download anything will be a lot of help in keeping my laptop tidy, and saves valuable time when writing academic papers.

The feature I found especially useful is the TradeLawGuide commentary on WTO cases, which provides well-structured and in-depth insights into all aspects of each case.

I believe the TradeLawGuide will be a lot of help to me when conducting research in WTO law, and I look forward to using it for my studies and potentially in my future career.

From TradeLawGuide.com

TradeLawGuide was created by a team of trade lawyers, researchers and legal knowledge engineers so that WTO law could be researched in a methodical, comprehensive and efficient manner. It is a reflection of extensive database design planning and the utilization of a standardized approach to capturing, organizing and accessing data. The unique design of the database is protected by a US System, Method & Data Structure patent. TradeLawGuide uses technically advanced web technology to provide information in an integrated manner with pinpoint precision. It allows you to rapidly search through thousands of documents and zero in on the exact references that answer your research queries. Since its launch in 2009, it has become the standard for legal research in the area of WTO law.