5 Apr 2019

Chinese investors: underestimated fears, unsustainable economic policy

Prof. Damian Raess' article "Die Ängste vor chinesischen Investoren werden unterschätzt" was published online in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) on 3 April 2019.

Central to the public debate on a “Lex China” are arguments about the economic benefits of foreign investment and the introduction of investment screening as being either unnecessary, expensive, or detrimental. But the fears about Chinese investment among the Swiss population are widespread and should be taken seriously.

The article can be found here via NZZ: Link to full article (in German)

Prof. Raess delivered a Brown Bag Seminar on the same topic on 12 March 2019. The seminar focussed on his WTI Working Paper 02/2019 "The Demand-Side Politics of China’s Global Buying Spree: Individual Attitudes toward Chinese Inward FDI Flows in Comparative Perspective".