18 Jun 2019

Coming up: Brown Bag Seminar and Tea Time Talk

On Wednesday a Brown Bag Seminar by Alan Aicken (Huawei) on “Sustainability at Huawei”, and on Thursday a Tea Time Talk with Anne van Aaken (Univ. of Hamburg) on "The Behavioral Political Economy of Protectionism".

Wednesday, 19 June 2019
“Sustainability at Huawei”

A Brown Bag seminar by Alan Aicken, Vice-President, Procurement Department, and Chief Sustainability Officer for the Supply Chain at Huawei. The seminar will provide an overview of supply-chain sustainability measures utilized in the developing country multinational Huawei, as well as a look into future measures.

Thursday, 20 June 2019
“Beyond Rational Choice: The Behavioral Political Economy of Protectionism”

A tea time talk with Prof. Dr. Anne van Aaken, University of Hamburg. Dr. van Aaken will present her paper, co-authored by Jürgen Kurtz.

Partial abstract:
“State behaviour to foreign trade is traditionally explained by rationalist approaches, assuming a two-level game.  The classic political economy account models the behavior of states or their governments on the international plane by reference to the formation of domestic interests within a given state.  Voters, interest groups and politicians are viewed as rational actors in this model, pursuing their economic preferences without cognitive or motivational distortions.  Trade policy is understood as an outgrowth of a political process that does not necessarily give rise to aggregate welfare maximization. This article questions the sufficiency of the rational choice model in the formation contemporary trade policy.” For the full abstract as well as the paper, please click the link below.