26 Sep 2019

Peter Van den Bossche speaks on WTO Appellate Body crisis at Leiden law conference

World Trade Institute Director of Studies Peter Van den Bossche delivered a keynote lecture on ‘The WTO Appellate Body Crisis: Lessons for the Governance of International Adjudication?’ at Leiden University in the Netherlands on 21 September.

The former WTO Appellate Body member spoke on the second day of an inaugural conference on ‘Governance of International Courts and Tribunals: Ensuring Judicial Independence and Accountability’ held by the Faculty of Law.

The two-day conference brought together international legal scholars and practitioners and aimed to provide a forum for critical reflection and constructive dialogue between the key actors.

On 19 September, Prof. Van den Bossche was in Bruges, Belgium, where he introduced his seminar on ‘WTO Law: Institutional and Substantive Issues’ to the new student intake at the College of Europe.

On the previous day he delivered a lecture on ‘The Troublesome Issue of Judicial Activism in WTO Dispute Settlement’ at the Seminar on International Law and Judicial Activism, organised by the Law Faculty of the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.