15 Nov 2019

WTI renews teaching links with the Trade Policy Centre in Africa

The World Trade Institute (WTI) has maintained excellent relations with the Trade Policy Centre in Africa (www.trapca.org) for the past ten years, thanks to a cooperation agreement dated January 2009.

At a time when the eyes of policy-makers are directed at Washington, Brussels, London and Beijing, a week of lecturing in Arusha (Tanzania) provided an excellent opportunity for WTI Fellow Christian Häberli to renew these links.

At the close of the week on Friday 1 November, Dr Häberli was invited to deliver a lecture on climate change to three master classes.

“This was quite a challenge in the continent that makes the lowest contribution to global warming but which is likely to face the steepest mitigation bill – especially where temperatures of 50 degrees and above make production without air conditioning virtually impossible, and put health and education at risk,” said Dr Häberli.

For more information on the lecture topic, see the link.