14 Feb 2020

WTI CLIM_CO_2 sustainability project launches its own website

The CLIM_CO_2 environmental migration project has launched its own website – www.climco2.org - to highlight the research being carried out by the WTI-based team led by Professor Elisa Fornalé. Congratulations to Elisa and her team members, Aylin and Najma on their achievement!

The project aims to approach environmental migration from a fresh perspective, regarding the issue as a ‘common concern of humankind’. It involves a case study in the South Pacific region that focuses on the ‘sinking islands’.

On average, 22.5 million people move each year within and across borders because of climate and weather-related disasters, according to the website’s introduction. Alongside those who move are those who stay behind or are trapped in severe conditions of vulnerability where habitation on land might no longer be possible. These impacts are not distributed equally: those who have least contributed to anthropogenic climate change are affected the most. The project contends that without concerted action and a reconfiguration of state sovereignty and interests, this global problem cannot be effectively addressed.

The website highlights the case study of the South Pacific region - consisting of 14 independent states stretching over a large ocean area almost the size of the African continent - which is existentially threatened by climate change.

It also features publications and events sections.

The colours used for the website, from the Pantone 'under the sea' palette, were specially chosen to fit with the topic. The photos were taken by Prof. Fornalé.