14 Feb 2020

Winter Academy ends with course on law and policy of trade in services

The month-long WTI Winter Academy has concluded with a course on ‘The Law and Policy of Trade in Services’ taught by Pierre Sauvé and Jan Bohanes.

Pierre Sauvé is a senior trade specialist in the Geneva office of the World Bank’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice Group. Jan Bohanes is senior counsel at the Advisory Center on WTO Law (ACWL).

The lecturers discussed negotiating challenges in selected sectors and addressed key political economic challenges arising from services rule-making and market opening. Students learned about the legal architecture of agreements governing services trade, and key lessons drawn from evolving jurisprudence. 

Participants said they particularly appreciated the balance between political and legal perspectives, which made the course well-rounded and interesting. 

Previous weeks of the Winter Academy focused on WTO law on border measures and trade facilitation; WTO law on anti-dumping and safeguard measures; and WTO law on subsidies and countervailing measures.