25 Mar 2020

Post-WTI Life: WTI and my recent experience as an Intern at the WTO

It truly is fulfilling to translate the training I have received at the WTI to practical work at the WTO

Shishira Johny

Do you wonder what's in store for you immediately after graduating from the WTI? Shishira Johny from India recently completed the TRAIL+ programme in Bern and is now doing an internship in the Trade in Service and Investment Division at the WTO in Geneva. Find out how the TRAIL+ programme proved to be beneficial for her and her future career in international trade.

The World Trade Institute has provided me with the perfect launchpad for a career in international trade. Upon completing my TRAIL+ programme at the WTI, I received the opportunity to work with the trade policy advisory firm, the WTI Advisors. I currently am interning at the World Trade Organization in the Trade in Service and Investment Division, where my work focuses on studying services commitments by members of the WTO. It truly is fulfilling to translate the training I have received at the WTI to practical work at the WTO. The inter-disciplinary approach to trade, adopted by the WTI, has helped me to view international trade concerns holistically through multiple perspectives. The TRAIL+ program provides lawyers with the perfect blend of law and economics, which I have found to be particularly useful at the services division where experts in both the fields often collaborate to analyze various trade issues. However, the most exceptional feature of the TRAIL+ programme is the faculty at the WTI. The programme allows access to an extensive network of trade practitioners and academicians whose distinct backgrounds adds to the ultimate experience. Lastly, the strong relationships developed within my cohort of TRAIL+ and MILE students have been a pillar of support through the entire process. The TRAIL+ programme is fitting for lawyers seeking to specialize in international economics while advancing their legal studies and for those who are ready to take on a grueling but rewarding challenge.  

- Shishira Johny, TRAIL+2