5 May 2020

Prof. Dr. Manfred Elsig: «US-China trade relations: Effects on Switzerland»

Prof. Dr. Manfred Elsig, Deputy Managing Director and Director of Research at the WTI, gave a lecture on US-China relations and the impact on Switzerland, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This lecture was given as part of the Forum for University and Society by the University of Bern and its event series THE RISE OF CHINA AND THE REORDERING OF THE WORLD (in German: Forum für Universität und Gesellschaft, Veranstaltungsreihe DER AUFSTIEG CHINAS UND DIE NEUORDNUNG DER WELT).

Prof. Dr. Elsig delivered his lecture in the third event ("Switzerland-China: An ambivalent relationship?") of the above mentioned event series.

The Forum for University and Society is a network of representatives from science and practice. With its members from various departments of the university as well as from politics, business and culture, it forms an interface between the university and society.

Click here to listen to the full lecture. Please note that the lecture is in German.