29 May 2020

A message from Peter Van den Bossche

The WTI's Director of Studies reassures new Master's students that, despite travel restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic which may make it impossible for them to travel to Switzerland in the near future, the Master's programmes starting in September 2020 will be available online as well. Resuming the programmes on site is possible at any time once travel related issues get back to normal.

"The MILE and TRAIL+ (LL.M.) programmes, starting in September 2020, will be offered both on site and online. Travel restrictions may make it difficult for some students to come to Switzerland. These students can attend all lectures in real time via Zoom or watch the recordings of the lectures at a later time more convenient to them. For each course, there will be a weekly Q&A session via Zoom for the benefit of online students. Also, the formation of virtual study groups will be encouraged and facilitated. Online students are at any time during the academic year welcome to continue their programme on site".

Peter Van den Bossche
Director of Studies WTI