2 Jul 2021

Prof. Elisa Fornalé appointed as Co-Rapporteur of the ILA Committee focusing on the Protection of Affected Persons in the Context of Sea Level Rise

On 30 June 2021, Prof. Elisa Fornalé hosted the virtual meeting on "Statehood and International Legal Personality" of the International Law Association (ILA) Committee on International Law and Sea Level Rise. Prof. Fornalé has recently been appointed as Co-Rapporteur of the ILA Committee focusing on the protection of affected persons in the context of sea level rise.

The work of the ILA Committee is to address the implications of sea-level rise as regards international law, in particular the effects upon small island developing states. In 2012, the ILA Committee was tasked with a two-part mandate:

1) to study the possible impacts of sea level rise and the implications under international law of the partial and complete inundation of state territory, or depopulation thereof, in particular of small island and low-lying states; and

2) to develop proposals for the progressive development of international law in relation to the possible loss of all or of parts of state territory and maritime zones due to sea level rise, including the impacts on statehood, nationality, and human rights».

Prof. Fornalé will join Prof. David Freestone, Co-Rapporteur, and Prof. Davor Vidas, Chair of the ILA Committee.