7 Oct 2021

Prof. Elisa Fornalé's October Activities

In the month of October, Prof. Elisa Fornalé has participated in a webinar organised by the University of Trento and is scheduled to act as panelist in an event organised by the American branch of the International Law Association.

On 1 October 2021, SNSF Prof. Elisa Fornalé together with SNSF Prof. Thomas Frölicher (OCCR, University of Bern) took part in the webinar "Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise. Legal Consequences from the Law of the Sea, Statehood and Affected Persons Perspectives" organised by the University of Trento.

The occasion of the webinar was the work of the International Law Commission (ILC) on the issue of sea level rise within the broader context of the climate change discourse. As climate change is one of the main causes of sea level rise, the webinar aimed at providing an in-depth overview of the work that the ILC is conducting on this important topic.  Prof. Fornalé spoke about “Forced Migration and the Rights of the Affected Population” while Prof. Frölicher gave a presentation about the “Science of Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise”.

At the end of October, the American branch of the International Law Association is inviting Prof. Fornalé as a panelist at their International Law Weekend ILW 2021 on Reinvesting in International Law.  The panel focusses on “Disappearing Land and Displaced Persons: Climate Change and International Law” and Prof. Fornalé will be joined by Nicola Swan (Partner at Chapman Tripp) and Donald Rothwell (Australian National University).