2 Nov 2021

Interview with Peter Van den Bossche for "Rendez-vous" on Swiss Radio SRF 1

The WTI's Director of Studies shared his views and opinions on the newly-found solution for the conflict on mutual tariffs for steel and aluminium between the EU and the US.

After rather divisive four years in the world of international trade with Donald Trump as US president, the US and the EU are getting closer again economically. They seem to have found common ground regarding the issue of mutual tariffs on steel and alumnium and plan to work together to counter Chinas's overproduction instead of arguing further.

However, according to Van den Bossche, the steel dispute has not yet been settled. He further explained that it is a first truce, now that negotiations are being resumed. For the time being, the US would now dismantle steel tariffs and in return, the EU would refrain from doubling tariffs on American goods, as it had originally threatened.

The interview was aired on 1 November in SRF 1's programme "Rendez-vous". You can listen to it here.

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