2 Dec 2021

Information about Model WTO 2022 (25th Edition)

Organised by a team of students from the University of St. Gallen since its first edition in 1997, the Model WTO conference has established itself as the biggest simulation of negotiations of the WTO in the world, with the participation of 72 international students and the assistance of a prestigious Advisory Board of experts.

The Model WTO 2022 will take place from 6 to 13 April 2022 at the University of St. Gallen and at the WTO Headquarters in Geneva. The conference aims to bring together 72 bright students from all over the world who will represent 12 countries in several committees and debate on the topic of "WTO and Sustainable Food Systems". The Model WTO 2022 will build on current developments and address issues particularly relevant in the context of sustainable food systems and food security. The negotiations will, among others, focus on the nexus of food sovereignty and food security, the environmental footprint of traded food, the sustainability of the food system and potential obstacles to trade in food.

Furthermore, all participants will have a visit to diplomatic missions and the WTO headquarters as well as have a chance to network with like-minded students, prominent WTO officials, experts, and diplomats.

Due to the current circumstances, the possibility that the event will be held online is significant. This entails a few modifications such as an adapted schedule, cancellation of in person visits and highly reduced participation fees. The final decision on whether the Model WTO conference will be held in-person or online will be made public on 20 January 2022, five days before the receival of invitation.

Please have a look at the Participants Brochure below, which covers everything one needs to know about the conference. Interested students can apply via the Model WTO website until 5 January 2022.

The WTI will continue to support this simulation exercise in 2022 as well. The prize the WTI offers is one week of a future Winter/Summer Academy to the six best delegates.