25 Jan 2022

Peter Van den Bossche gives an Interview to the Université Catholique de Lille's Global Business Law Society

In the interview, Prof. Van den Bossche, who served as judge of the World Trade Organization's Appellate Body between 2009 and 2019, talks about a variety of topics, including his impressive professional and academic career.

Other things that Prof. Van den Bossche talked about include:

  • His role as a WTO Appellate Body judge
  • His opinion about the best achievements and worst failures of the organisation regarding dispute settlement, remedies and retaliation, negotiation rounds and consensus
  • Particular cases that struck him
  • His thoughts on the current Appellate Body crisis and whether he believes the situation has changed under the Biden administration
  • Whether he believes that the WTO's mandate still make sense today
  • His opinon on how the WTO will adapt to the pressing need for environmental protection

At the end of the interview, he also had an inspirational message for the audience. You can watch the full interview on the Global Business Law Society's YouTube channel. Please click here.

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