20 Jun 2022

Agrifood Trade Promotion between Ukraine and Africa

Today, at the World Trade Institute, we launch the project “Repairing Broken Food Trade Routes Ukraine – Africa”. We want to contribute to the resumption of agricultural trade interrupted because of the war on Ukraine.

The World Trade Institute (WTI) at Berne University is pleased to announce that it has hired Mr. Bogdan Kostetsky as a consultant to help re-starting agrifood trade between Ukraine and Africa. Mr. Kostetsky is Operating Partner at Barva Invest in Kyiv, with a long experience as a trading executive in Ukrainian grains and oilseeds origination. He will operate within the “Repairing Broken Food Trade Routes Ukraine – Africa” project initiated under the auspices of the EU-funded Horizon 2020 “Making Agricultural Trade Sustainable” (MATS) program. This project will be successful if it contributes to a resumption of agricultural trade interrupted because of the war on Ukraine.

For further information and/or offer to assist in project implementation, please write to Christian Häberli (Christian.Haeberli@wti.org) or to Bogdan Kostetsky (bogdan.kostetsky@gmail.com).