21 Jun 2022

Congratulations on your retirement, Margrit!

After 20 years of loyal service, the World Trade Institute celebrates the retirement of Margrit Vetter, our Director of Administration. For so much commitment and passion, thank you Margrit! Happy retirement!

On June 17, staff and alumni of the World Trade Institute celebrated the retirement and departure of the Director of Administration, Margrit Vetter. For 20 years, Margrit has been a pillar of passion, committment and hard work to the service of the institute, its faculty and its students.

"Over many years, Margrit was committed to contribute creating a community of young people  –many of them now in high positions and influencing trade talks – who believe in the value of the multilateral trading system as a factor of stability, prosperity and peace.", said Prof. Em. Thomas Cottier in his "Tribute to Margrit Vetter" (download the full text below).

Prof. Em. Cottier continues: "Margrit was at the centre of the WTI ... much more: she was at the heart of the Institute." 

While it's sad to see Margrit go, we are so grateful for her incredible contribution in making the World Trade Institute a leading academic institution. 

Forever thanks, Margrit! Stay in touch!