27 Jun 2022

MILE Alumni Profiles: Jackie Pimer

The WTI’s wide network of experts on trade policy has been one of the strongest boosters of my career

Today we meet Jackie Pimer, MILE Alumna and currently Trade Expert at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Hello Jackie,

Thank you for being with us today. Tell us about your current position and what you are currently doing.

I work as a Trade Expert with the African Trade Policy Center under the Regional Integration and Trade Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. My primary role is to support African Countries as they develop their National AfCFTA Implementation Strategies.


Which programmme did you attend at the World Trade Institute and when did you graduate?

I attended MILE10 between 2009 and 2010, and graduated in 2010.


How was your career path after you graduated from the WTI?

I first worked with the WTO SPS unit and then became a consultant working with organizations such as UNDESA, ITC, CommonWealth Secretariat, UNIDO, the USAID’s East African Trade and Investment Hub, and the IOM on a range of trade topics including standards issues, trade in services, movement of persons, non-tariff barriers, EAC and COMESA integration and investment issues.


How do you think the WTI helped in your career?

The WTI shaped my career in trade policy. It all started with the MILE programme which gave me a foundation of trade and integration issues to be able to specialise. I met experts, Pierre Sauve who was at the time our director of studies, Arthur Appleton who taught on TBT standards, Gretchen Staton the then Secretary of the WTO SPS Committee, who also taught us SPS standards and later I worked with at the SPS Unit as an intern; Edwini Kaise currently DDG of the Agriculture division of the WTO - all these contacts and connections were critical to link me to work opportunities on various trade matters. The WTI’s wide network of experts on trade policy has been one of the strongest boosters of my career.


What would you say it’s your greatest achievement so far (can be professional or personal)?

The eping alert system with the WTO (www.epingalert.org ). This was an outcome of the first assignment I was involved in with the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) that is now being used by the WTO SPS and TBT units to disseminate standards notified by WTO members to the private sector. It was an intervention we developed and piloted but that has now a far-reaching trade facilitating effect for both developing and developed countries.


Any advice for current students?

Be open to learning - it does not only take place within the lecture rooms and every experience, whether good or bad, has its lessons - DON’T MISS the lessons.