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10 Aug 2020 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Pallavi Bajaj

MILE 10 graduate Pallavi Bajaj, International Trade Policy Consultant, and Partner at TCube Consulting LLP, talks about her professional journey and the benefits she gained from pursuing the MILE programme at the World Trade Institute. This interview is part of our Alumni profiles series.

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28 Feb 2020 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Jean-Philippe Herbert

MILE 17 graduate Jean-Philippe Herbert, a dispute settlement lawyer in the Legal Affairs division of the WTO in Geneva, began his career as a commercial litigator in Canada. In this interview, he talks about his professional journey and the benefits he gained from pursuing the MILE programme at the World ...

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16 Jan 2020 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Wakako Oshima

MILE 7 graduate Wakako Oshima, a Japanese national and US-licensed lawyer with top law firm and in-house counsel experience, talks about how she moved from WTO litigation to promoting the sustainable development of businesses across borders.

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18 Jul 2019 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Jimena Sotelo

MILE 15 alumna Jimena Sotelo talks to the WTI about her work at the International Trade Centre and her experience with the MILE programme.

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11 Apr 2019 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Alvita Chen

MILE 14 alumna from Indonesia, Alvita Chen, tells the WTI about her position as Senior Manager for Corporate Affairs at GOJEK, and how the MILE helped her learn the key role of MSMEs in driving sustainable economic development.

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7 Sep 2018 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Diego Ures

MILE 7 alumnus, Diego Ures, tells the WTI about his current position as a partner at Sidera Consult and how the MILE benefited him in his career path.

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17 Jul 2018 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Consuelo Orihuela and Teresa Mera

Consuelo Orihuela and Teresa Mera, both from Peru, attended the MILE on consecutive years and graduated in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Both have gone on to serve in the Peruvian government. In this interview, they talk about their work and how the WTI helped them get to where they are ...

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1 Jun 2018 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Miguel Rodriguez Cuadros

A trade lawyer in the private sector, Miguel Rodriguez Cuadros has worked for a number of multinational companies in Switzerland and Germany since graduation. In this interview he traces his professional journey and talks about the challenges of the new era of globalisation.

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18 Apr 2018 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Verona Collantes

A graduate of the second MILE intake, Verona Collantes advocates for gender equality and the empowerment of women in the climate change process and was a contributor to the Paris Agreement. She says the WTI master’s programme opened doors for her at the WTO and UN in Geneva paving the ...

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16 Feb 2018 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Mohamad Fakhreddin

Mohamad Fakhreddin, a graduate of the MILE 15 intake, studied industrial engineering before changing tack to follow an interest in business and social entrepreneurship. After working at the International Trade Centre in Geneva, he is now studying for a doctorate in Germany. Mohamad had the opportunity to talk about his ...

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13 Dec 2017 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Marta Soprana

Trade policy advisor Marta Soprana first discovered the World Trade Institute through its Summer Academy and then went on to enrol on the MILE 11 programme. She has maintained a strong connection to the WTI as an enthusiastic mentor of MILE students. Now with her own business in Lugano, she ...

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16 Aug 2017 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Sergey Lakhno

Lawyer Sergey Lakhno, a graduate of the MILE 3 intake, has recently returned to the public sector after ten years with a major industrial company in Ukraine. Before that he was involved in preparing Ukraine for accession to the World Trade Organization. In this interview he talks about the role ...

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5 Jul 2017 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Lerato Ntlopo

For MILE 10 graduate Lerato Ntlopo the MILE was a stepping stone to a career in international trade that has taken her from Geneva to Windhoek with various stops in between. In addition to her work with the Southern African Customs Union, she is undertaking a PhD in trade in ...

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12 Jun 2017 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Faisal Siddiqui

Faisal Siddiqui joined the MILE 3 programme with a degree in international relations and went on to build a career as a political officer with the United Nations. In this interview he outlines his career path and explains how the MILE helped him hone his professional skills.

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10 Apr 2017 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Nadia Vassos

Canadian Nadia Vassos, who graduated from the MILE programme five years ago, has since carved out a career in international trade policy. In this interview, she says the legal knowledge and negotiation skills she acquired on the MILE have proved particularly useful in her current role with the Canadian Competition ...

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8 Mar 2017 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Xiaolu Zhu

Lawyer Xiaolu Zhu, a graduate of MILE 3, has been working in the WTO Appellate Body Secretariat since 2006 following a stint as an international legal consultant. She says the MILE programme kick-started her legal career by introducing her to the firm that would employ her upon graduation.

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15 Feb 2017 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Susana Wong

MILE 13 graduate Susana Wong works as a university teacher, project manager and researcher on cross-border trade issues. A native of Costa Rica, she maintains close ties with Switzerland and hopes to start a PhD in Lausanne this year.

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14 Dec 2016 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Adriana Perez Gil Ochoa

A growing interest in international trade law, investment and dispute settlement led Adriana Perez Gil Ochoa to pursue a Master of International Law and Economics (MILE) at the WTI. Three years after graduating she is putting what she learned to use at the Mexican Trade Ministry. In an interview with ...

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4 Nov 2016 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Harsh Hiroo Gursahani

A MILE 11 graduate, Harsh Hiroo Gursahani has carved out a role as a successful trade lawyer in India where he produces policy papers for the government and advises private clients on food law. The WTI spoke to Harsh on the sidelines of the World Trade Forum in Florence at ...

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11 Oct 2016 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Kholofelo Kugler

Kholofelo Kugler, a trained lawyer from South Africa and graduate of MILE 14, says the programme was a “natural next step” when she discovered an interest in international trade law. She now works at the ACWL in Geneva that gives advice and training to developing countries on World Trade Organization ...

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