9 Aug 2022

Dr. Christian Häberli on the dangerous grain delivery from Ukraine to Turkey

Swiss national television (SRF) interviews WTI's Fellow and Lecturer, Dr. Christian Häberli.

Dr. Christian Häberli, WTI Fellow and Lecturer at the World Trade Institute, has been interviewed by the Swiss national television-(SRF) on the issue of Ukraine's grain exports and the partially-resumed agricultural trade with Tukery, the middle-east and Africa.

Dr Häberli commented on the news of the Turkish freighter Polarnet who delivered 12,000 tons of corn from Odessa to Istanbul. Before that, the ship and its crew were stuck in Ukraine for more than half a year. The captain reports on the dangerous crossing.

Dr Häberli commented: "This first successful shipment confirms that the main political objective of the two Agreements between, respectively, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN has been reached: a separation of (mutual) trade interests from all other warfare instruments." However, he continued, "the (uninsured) remaining risk is a loos sea mine not discovered in time by the convoy tug boats. One such mine hitting a grains ship could greatly discourage future shippers and traders"

Find the recording here.