30 Sep 2022

WTO Public Forum: WTI students meet with Amb. Santiago Wills ... and more

An eventful week at the WTO Public Forum.

The new cohort of WTI students (MILE23 and TRAIl+6) attended the WTO Public Forum in Geneva this week.

They had the opportunity to meet with Santiago Wills, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Colombia to the WTO, and Chair of WTO fisheries subsidies negotiations. Amb Wills gave a true "crash course" in negotiations, giving some interesting insights of the behind the scenes of the fisheries subsidies agreement at the last WTO Ministerial Conference (MC12). They had the opportunity to exchange views and opinion on the agreement, next steps and the way forward.

On another session, Prof Peter Van den Bossche (WTI Director of Studies) joined Jennifer Hillman in a debate on the future of multilateralism at the book launch of the Commentaries on World Trade Law (Salle des Pas Perdus, Wednesday 28 Sept, 12:45-13:30).

During the entire week, the WTI held a stand as a key partner of the WTO and as information point for young professionals. We witnessed a lot of interest to join our programmes!