7 Nov 2022

Prof. Van den Bossche on "The Challenges and Prospects for the WTO Appellate Body"

Prof. Peter Van den Bossche invited to speak by the Seoul Trade Forum

On 4 November 2022, Prof. Peter Van den Bossche gave a online lecture on "The Challenges and Prospects for the WTO Appellate Body", organized by the Seoul Trade Forum, for senior Korean government officials, trade law practitioners and academics.

The lecture was hosted by Prof. Chang Hwan Choi, Dean of the Graduate School, Dankook University.

In his lecture Van den Bossche discussed

  • what has triggered the WTO Appellate Body crisis;
  • how destructive this crisis is for the rule of law in world trade;
  • how WTO Members have addressed the crisis to date;
  • whether temporary fixes among the willing can save WTO appellate review;
  • whether the crisis can be overcome by reforming WTO appellate review; and
  • what the prospects are for overcoming the crisis of WTO Appellate Body.