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Burger, Kathrin

Kathrin Burger is Assistant of the WTI Advanced Master Programmes. She holds a Bachelor of Law and is currently pursuing a master’s degree …


Das, Pablo Rahul

Pablo Rahul Das is the WTI's Head of Communications. He began working at the WTI as assistant of the MILE and TRAIL+ Advanced …


De Fino, Francesco

Francesco De Fino is the communications officer/web editor for the CLISEL project. He is also a member of the CLISEL Management Committee. He …


Joseph, Sandra

Sandra Joseph is on the administrative staff of both the World Trade Institute and the Institute of European and International Economic Law (IEW) …

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Karlaganis, Corinne

Corinne Karlaganis is based in India since 2011, where she is involved in WTI outreach activities. From 2008 to 2011 she was the …


Lehnherr, Aline

Aline Lehnherr is a librarian at the University Library of Bern. She is responsible for the Library of Economics in the UniS building …

Admin, Executive Committee

Obi, Markus

Markus Obi joined the staff at the end of 2016 and acts as Finance Coordinator for the WTI. He has a Bachelor’s degree …


Rosenberg, Karin

Karin Rosenberg is the Programme Administrator at the WTI. Karin was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her passion for traveling and exploring …


Rüfli, Fred

Fred Rüfli has been head of IT since the WTI was founded (2000). His responsibilities include ensuring IT functions, providing the resources and …


Steiger, Christian

Christian Steiger took up his job as IT support for the WTI in June 2005. Before that he spent several years working as …

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Thompson, Sophia

Sophia Thompson is personal assistant to the directors Joseph Francois, Manfred Elsig and Peter Van den Bossche. Her main focus is to facilitate …

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Admin, Executive Committee

Vetter, Margrit

In January 2002, Margrit was appointed to the position of Director of Administration as well as of Programme Administrator to the MILE Programme …

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