30 Mar 2020
Other, 12:30 - 13:30

A quantum leap for gender equality: for a better future of work for all

Lecture by Ms Emanuela Pozzan, Senior Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination Specialist Gender, Equality and Diversity & ILOAIDS and Mr Umberto Cattaneo, Economist, Gender, Equality and Diversity & ILOAIDS Branch (GED & ILOAIDS)

*Kindly note that due to the current situation caused by the coronavirus this lecture will only be available as podcast on our website. The speakers will be available for one week after the lecture date to answer your questions, which can be submitted to the Gender Coordinator, Prof. Elisa Fornalé (elisa.fornale@wti.org). 

This is the sixth in the 2019/2020 'Talking Gender, Equality and Diversity' lecture series organised by the WTI gender equality group.

For other upcoming events in the series, see the programme link.

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