6 May 2022
Conferences / Workshops, World Trade Institute, Hallerstrasse 6, 3012 Bern
MILE 12, María Vasquez Callo-Müller , Yildirim, Aydin , Yildiz, Aylin

Linking Climate Change, Digitalisation, and Sustainability: Bringing Early Career Academics to Turn Foresights into Action in Times of Crisis

Workshop funded by the Promotion of Young Researchers Fund of the University of Bern and organised by Dr. Aylin Yildiz, Maria Vasquez Callo-Müller, and Dr. Aydin Baris Yildirim.

Following the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic that brought a renewed sense of hyper digitalisation, our aim in this workshop is to revisit some of our core assumptions about the role of digitalisation and the impact of climate change in the context of SDGs. We invite Ph.D. candidates (at the late stage of their research) and postdoctoral researchers from social sciences (especially international law) to present their research in one of the three panels of the workshop.

The final workshop programme is linked below.

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