23 Feb 2024
Conferences / Workshops, 13:30 - 18:30, Silva Casa Auditorium, World Trade Institute, Hallerstrasse 6, Bern, Switzerland
Fornalé, Elisa

Promoting Equal and Inclusive Representation of Women in Decision-Making Systems: A Holistic Approach to Economic Empowerment

Together with GQUAL and the Institute of International Relations (Prague), we are organizing a conference on the topic of “Promoting Equal and Inclusive Representation of Women in Decision-Making Systems: A Holistic Approach to Economic Empowerment"


The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) has been at the forefront of advancing gender equality and women's rights globally. At its 84th session in Geneva, scheduled from 6 to 24 February 2023, the CEDAW Committee embarked on a significant initiative, holding a half-day of general discussion on "Equal and Inclusive Representation of Women in Decision-Making Systems." This marked the inaugural step towards drafting a new General Recommendation (GR 40) that seeks to provide comprehensive guidance to States parties on ensuring equal and inclusive representation of women in decision-making systems.

The forthcoming General Recommendation aims to build upon and complement General Recommendation No. 23 (1997), addressing not only the current implementation of Articles 7 and 8 of the CEDAW Convention but also identifying regulatory gaps at both national and international levels. Central to this endeavour is the recognition that economic context plays a pivotal role in shaping women's participation and representation in decision-making processes.

Conference Participants:

The conference will bring together

  • Representatives from the UN CEDAW Committee;
  • Academics and researchers specializing in various aspects of gender and economics, responsible for gender equality and women's empowerment;
  • Representatives from international organizations working on women's rights and women's empowerment;
  • Policy analysts specializing in trade, finance, and investment;
  • Legal experts with a focus on gender equality and human rights
  • Representatives from the private sector committed to gender-inclusive practices.

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