1 May 2010    Working Papers
Sauvé, Pierre

The Preferential Liberalization of Services Trade

NCCR Trade Regulation Working Paper 2010/13 by Aaditya Mattoo and Pierre Sauvé

This paper takes stock of the most recent wave of PTAs with a view to informing some of the policy choices developing countries face in negotiating preferential agreements in services. The paper documents a number of lessons in rule-making and market opening arising from the practice of preferential liberalization in services trade as seen from a sample of fifty five agreements (out of the 76 PTAs featuring services provisions that have been notified to the WTO to date). The paper asks whether and how PTAs differ from the GATS and whether such differences matter in policy terms.

Key words: International trade, trade in services, trade negotiations, World Trade Organization, preferential trade agreements.

The Preferential Liberalization of Services Trade