14 Aug 2018    Journal Articles
Raess, Damian

Labor Provisions in Trade Agreements (LABPTA): Introducing a New Dataset

Article by Damian Raess and Dora Sari published in Global Policy (2018) by Wiley, in free access until the end of September 2018.

The underlying dataset in LABPTA used to code labor provisions comes from DESTA.


Global labor policy through trade has begun to receive growing attention with the inclusion of labor provisions in preferential trade agreements (PTAs). Until recently there has been a shortage of available data that would adequately capture the variation that exists with respect to the scope and stringency of labor provisions, preventing scholars and practitioners from addressing key questions about the design and effects of the trade-labor linkage. This paper introduces a new dataset covering 487 PTAs from 1990 to 2015 coded against 140 distinct items pertaining to six main categories, presenting – to our knowledge – the most rigorous and fine-grained mapping of labor provisions. It also offers the first systematic description of key trends in the design and occurrence of those commitments. Our study shows that labor provisions have not only expanded in terms of their content and participating countries but that labor provisions have, although to a varying degree, also become more stringent over time. The provisions that have across all PTAs increased most steadily are the ones related to the institutional framework set up for the monitoring and implementation of labor commitments, becoming more specialized and more inclusive of third party involvement over time.

Labor Provisions in Trade Agreements (LABPTA): Introducing a New Dataset