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Polanco, Rodrigo

Chapter 2: Investment arbitration and human rights cases in Latin America

This chapter, by Rodrigo Polanco and Rodrigo Mella, was published by Edward Elgar in the "Research Handbook on Human Rights and Investment: Research Handbooks in International Law series", edited by Yannick Radi.

Chapter 2 Abstract:

The relationship between international investment and human rights represents a troublesome matter to States that must balance compliance with their international obligations under human rights instruments with the protection of the interests of the investors guaranteed by international investment agreements. This chapter examines cases involving Latin American countries, drawing parallels between the different approaches used by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and investment treaty arbitral tribunals in disputes that involve both foreign investment and human rights. Closely examining the La Oroya and Renco cases against Peru and the Chevron/Texaco and different human rights cases against Ecuador, we examine whether there is an interaction between both fora, either competitive or collaborative, or if they are in contradiction or isolation. To provide a comparative perspective, the Yukos cases against Russia, brought both before the European Court of Human Rights and several investment arbitral tribunals, are briefly addressed.

Book Abstract:

The interplay between human rights and investments is a key and complex issue in today’s world. To take stock of this importance and to tackle this complexity, this Research Handbook offers a unique multi-faceted approach. It gathers in-depth contributions which focus on the interplay between human rights and investments in various international legal regimes, economic sectors and regions. It also provides thorough analyses of the various types of accountability that may result from the activities of multinational corporations in relation to human rights. This Research Handbook is intended for practitioners, policy-makers, academics and students eager to understand the interaction between human rights and investments in all its dimensions

Chapter 2: Investment arbitration and human rights cases in Latin America