4 Aug 2020    Books/ Book Chapters
Raess, Damian

Labor Market Regulations

Book chapter by Damian Raess and Dora Sari in A. Mattoo, N. Rocha and M. Ruta (Eds.), Handbook of Deep Trade Agreements, published by the World Bank (2020), pp. 583-606

Short summary:

  • This new dataset provides detailed information on the content of labor market regulation provisions in 271 preferential trade agreements currently notified to the WTO between 1960 and 2017.
  • For each agreement, the dataset covers the states objectives and substantive commitments, as well as aspects relating to institutional procedures, cooperation mechanisms and enforcement.
  • The chapter introduces the conceptual and analytical approach to the mapping of labor provisions in preferential trade agreements, as well as offers a descriptive analysis of the rise and evolution of such provisions over time.
  • The dataset is part of the World Bank’s Deep Trade Agreements database 2.0 (see https://datatopics.worldbank.org/dta/about-the-project.html). This database represents the most comprehensive effort in terms of the coverage of policy areas (19 in total) and the granularity of information within each area. 
  • The WB’s Deep Trade Agreement database 2.0 is the result of collaboration with experts in different policy areas from academia and from other international organizations such as the ITC, OECD, UNCTAD, and WTO.

Labor Market Regulations