3 Feb 2011    Reports/ Presentations
Panizzon, Marion

Co- and Solidarity Development: Catalyst of Circular Franco-African Migrations?

Co- and Solidarity Development: Catalyst of Circular Franco-African Migrations?

Presentation by Marion Panizzon at the 3rd meeting of the UK National Network for the EMN "Circular migration in a Points-Based-System – Chances and Challenges for the UK"

Among destination countries in Europe, France has been particularly innovative in identifying policies to empower migrants—both individually and collectively—to contribute to the development of their countries of origin, including through fiscal incentives and circular migration. By tapping on the financial resources of migrants, France has decreased public spending on official development assistance. This presentation introduces into the French concept of co-development, whereby France co-finances as a “partner” the transnational engagements, which the migrant Diasporas develop towards their communities of origin. It shows how co-development policies move beyond the state-centric, North-South transfers of development aid disbursed within the strict confines of intergovernmental cooperation. It explores the policy relevant topics of the French co-development model, which could be replicated on a broader scale. Beyond such immediate policy implications, the co-development model has “deterritorialized” migration policy making from the nation state. Policies are developed which replace the classic assimilation/integration theories of migration with the idea of migrant transnationalism, whereby migrants act as “go-betweens” between identities, cultures, societies, spaces, and markets.

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