2 Nov 2011    Reports/ Presentations
Panizzon, Marion

Switzerland‘s migration regime and services trade liberalization

Presentation by Marion Panizzon at the interdisciplinary conference "Liberalization of service mobility, immigration regulations and national labour market policies" organized by the Graduate Institute of International Studies (GIIS) of Geneva, 2 November 2011, Geneva

The purpose of this conference hosted by the Graduate Institute of International Studies (GIIS), Geneva is to study the interaction between liberalization of service mobility and national law. In particular it provides an overview of WTO service mobility liberalization from negotiations to implementation. By bringing together specialists from all the above specified legal orders, the idea is to bridge the theory of international trade liberalization and the reality of restrictive domestic policies, as well as to identify existing hurdles at all levels.

Five topics are to be addressed:
- An overview of positive and negative effects of service mobility liberalization
- WTO reciprocity, balancing liberalization of trade in services
- The arguments to restrict mobility relating to differing skill levels of service providers
- Current immigration and labour market policies in selected EU Member States
- The temporary nature of service provision and ensuring return

Presentation Marion Panizzon, PDF