26 Jan 2012    Reports/ Presentations
Panizzon, Marion

Agreement Duplicity: France’s bilateral migration agreements & EU migration partnerships

By Marion Panizzon, prepared for the conference on the “Governance of Asylum and Migration in the EU”, University of Salford, 26-27 January, 2012

This objective of this conference sponsored by the European Commission Jean Monnet Programme and organized by the University of Salford was to provide an overview of the different dimensions governance of migration and asylum issues within EU external relations. Topics covered were European neighbourhood and border policy, the labour migration regime, the Common European Asylum System, but also EU agencies tasked with asylum and migration issues, such as the FRONTEX, EU Integrated border management, the European Training Foundation.

Five panels presented papers on the following themes:
The External Dimension of the EU Asylum and Migration Policy
The European Governance of Migration
The EU, Refugees and Asylum-Seekers
The Multilevel Governance of Asylum and Migration in the EU
Borders and Irregular Migration

Presentation Marion Panizzon, PDF