28 May 2012    Reports/ Presentations
Burri, Mira

Trade and Culture under the Conditions of Digital Media

An invited presentation at the international conference 'The International Law of Culture: Prospects and Challenges', 23-25 May, Göttingen.

The workshop got together a group of scholars (amongst others, Peter Tobias Stoll, Federico Lenzerini, Francesco Francioni, Lyndel V. Prott and Helene Ruiz-Fabri) working in diverse fields of cultural property research who discussed some classic topics, such as cultural heritage and indigenous peoples, cultural property and human rights, but also newer and emerging issues, such the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity and the evolving relationship of trade and culture under the conditions of digital media.
The debate has been fruitful and enriched by multiple interdisciplinary insights.

Burri's slides