1 Sep 2023

New PhD Course - Recent Developments in International Investment Law

Calling all PhD students in and around Switzerland! This is a perfect course, designed exclusively for you, to stay up to date in international investment law. Don't miss the opportunity!

Recent Developments in International Investment Law
25-29 September 2023

About the course
The sessions will devote particular attention to the criticism that the current investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) system is facing and the various reform efforts that States and other stakeholders are making to address such criticism.

The course will in particular review in detail the recent ICSID Rules amendments which have reformed the ICSID arbitration framework in a number of significant respects and which have come into effect in July 2022. We will in particular look at the new rules on transparency and third-party funding, and at the innovations aimed at making proceedings more time- and cost-efficient.

Moreover, the classes will address in some detail the ongoing work of UNCITRAL Working Group III with respect to ISDS reform.

The course will explore the complex design and legal questions which each of these reform options entails, including the law of treaty questions that arise in seeking to reform the existing investment treaty framework.

Find the full Syllabus here


Dr Michele Potestà, Dr Nikos Lavranos, Dr Sofía Boza, and Dr Andrea Steingruber

Course dates
25-29 September 2023

World Trade Institute (WTI), Hallerstrasse 6, 3012 Bern
This course is offered on-site only.

The course is open for Master and PhD students from the University of Bern or from other Universities worldwide.
A registration fee of 50 CHF is required.

500 CHF
The course is free of charge for students enrolled in Universities in Switzerland.

If you are interested, please send an email to: phd.application@wti.org