31 Jan 2024

WTI and Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia) sign Memorandum of Understanding

The MoU aims to promote academic and cultural collaborations, strengthening UANDES and WTI programmes as well as fostering student and staff exchanges.

On December 12, 2023, the World Trade Institute, University of Bern (WTI) and the Faculty of Law, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia (UANDES), signed an important Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to mark the beginning of a collaboration journey together. 

On the occasion, the Universidad de los Andes was represented by the Dean of the Law School, Prof. Dr. Eleonora Lozano Rodríguez. The WTI was represented by Prof Joseph Francois, Managing Director, Prof Peter van den Bossche, Director of Studies and Dr Rodrigo Polanco, Academic Coordinator and Lecturer. Natalia Köpp Medina, a current TRAIL+ student and herself an alumna of the Universidad de los Andes, also attended the signing ceremony. 

The purpose of this Agreement is the establishment and promotion of academic, cultural and other types of collaboration between the WTI and the UANDES. Specific areas for collaboration may include: Sharing of knowledge and experiences within areas of mutual interest; Development of academic (exchange) programmes for students and staff; Exchange of administrative and management staff; Development and implementation of joint educational and research programmes and their components; Development of joint research projects and joint publications; Organisation and execution of joint educational, scientific, cultural events (conferences, seminars, etc.).