28 Oct 2016

Book Launch: International Investment Law in Latin America - Problems and Prospects

The University of Buenos Aires was the venue for the launch on 20 October of the bilingual volume ‘International Investment Law in Latin America: Problems and Prospects’ co-written and edited by WTI researcher and faculty member Rodrigo Polanco.

The book launch was organised by the Master in International Relations programme of the university’s School of Law and attended by Dr Polanco.

In the book, Dr Polanco, Attila Tanzi, Alessandra Asteriti and Paolo Turrini provide a regional perspective on one of the liveliest branches of international law.

WTI researcher Federica Cristani contributed a chapter on “Dispute Settlement Clauses in International Investment Treaties and Free Trade Agreements Concluded by Latin American countries” and co-wrote the appendix on “International Investment Agreements Concluded by Latin American Countries” with Dr Polanco.

Latin America has always had an ambivalent relationship with international investment law and, more recently, has seen harsh and resolute criticism, questioning the ultimate legitimacy of the regime. By bringing together distinguished scholars, the volume analyses ongoing trends and draws lessons from the continent’s past experiences while identifying possible solutions to the important challenges it faces.

Opening the launch, Raúl E. Vinuesa, Director of the Master in International Relations programme, said that "the most important thing about this work is that it highlights the extensive Latin American experience in the field of foreign investment”.

In his address, Dr Polanco stated that investment arbitration is no longer just of importance for countries that have been affected by it. The United States and Europe that promoted the system for decades are now discovering that the system can be a little unfair and imprecise.

The book is published by Brill.