17 Jun 2020

WTI Summer Academy starts next week!

The WTI's online Summer Academy starts next week with the course on WTO Law on TBT & SPS Measures. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all our courses will be held online, ensuring that participants can still learn about cutting-edge issues in international law and economics. All course syllabi are now available on our website.

Our course selection is vast and we are sure that it offers something for everybody who is keen on broadening their knowledge in international law and economics. Would you, for example, like to get a foundation in Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection? Thomas's Cottier's course which features a number of guest lecturers, including  Jayashree Watal, Matthias Käch, Kamran Houshang Pour, Erik Thevenod Mottet, Martin Girsberger, Julie Poupinet and Lucas von Wattenwyl might be what you are looking for. 

If you want to learn about the interconnections between Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy, taught by Mira Burri, Thomas Cottier, Andreas Heinemann, Philippe Lionnet and Andreas Lobsiger, go and select their course when you fill out your application form.  

You can find a list of all courses, lecturers as well as detailled syllabi and course descriptions here.