22 Nov 2021

Damian Raess acts as Panelist at a Symposium on Measurement and Impact of Deep Trade Agreements

This high-profile event was organised by USITC (US International Trade Commission) and Keough School at University of Notre Dame on 17 November.

Distinguished panelists from academia, international organisations (World Bank, WTO, OECD) and government agencies (United States Trade Representative/USTR, German Development Institute/DIE) participated in the event.

SNF Prof. Raess presented in the first session on Measurement of Deep Trade Agreements, where he talked about the mapping of labour provisions in FTAs. He also introduced his LABPTA dataset, co-authored with Dora Sari.

In the second session on Impact, Marcelo Olarreaga, with whom Prof. Raess co-authored the article “Labor clauses in trade agreements: Hidden protectionism?, presented their published study on the impact of labor provisions in FTAs on bilateral trade flows. You can find this publication here.

Please click on the link below for the full programme of the symposium.