7 Dec 2022

WTI at the first World Trade Congress on Gender

Several members of the WTI family presented, spoke or chaired sessions at the first WTO World Trade Congress on Gender. Among them, Prof. Elisa Fornalé and Postgraduate student Modesta Nsowaa-Adu.

In the past three days, the first World Trade Congress on Gender took place at the WTO in Geneva.

On December 6, Modesta Nsowaa-Adu and Prof. Elisa Fornalé presented the research paper "Negotiating towards a Tailor-made Gender Protocol under the AfCFTA: Could Integrating Africa’s Fragmented Gender Chapters be the key?" during the Research Session 3: Trade Agreements: Bridging Regional Perspectives and Grasping Female Traders Insights.

More on this session at https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/womenandtrade_e/women_05122022_e/women_05122022_session_e.htm?id=17

On December 7, Prof. Elisa Fornalé chaired the book launch "Women’s Empowerment and its Limits". More info on this session here: https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/womenandtrade_e/women_05122022_e/women_05122022_session_e.htm?id=24

Some photos of both session on our Facebook album here.