22 Dec 2022

Happy holidays from the World Trade Institute!

On behalf of the entire WTI family, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season, a wonderful Christmas break and a new year full of peace, joy, serenity and achievements! The world needs it!

2022 hasn’t been an easy year. With the war in Ukraine showing no signs of abating, the emerging energy crisis, and economies in inflationary or recessionary states, the global situation is simply not the brightest. The climate crisis is also pressing more than ever, calling governance structures and all global actors to quick and meaningful action. 

Still, even against this difficult background, here at the World Trade Institute we forge ahead with hope but especially, with action! 2022 saw us:

Check out here below a full month-by-month overview.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to our 2023 Winter and Summer Academies. Do not miss the start dates for January and mark your calendars for June. This year offers topical courses on trade law, climate governance and sustainable development. All are taught by the leading experts in the field. We expect once again to attract much interest, so please reserve your seats here. There is also the possibility to obtain three new CAS. Please see below or click here for more information.

Season's greetings,

Prof. Joseph Francois, Managing Director, WTI 
Prof. Manfred Elsig, Deputy Managing Director, WTI
Prof. Peter Van den Bossche, Director of Studies, WTI


Watch our animated video card: https://youtu.be/-selv2lBfMk