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The World Trade Forum is an annual event co-organised by the World Trade Institute and the European University Institute each autumn to discuss a topic related to the world trading system.

World Trade Forum 2019

World Trade Forum 2019 - Multilateralism at Risk

25-26 October 2019

The World Trade Forum 2019 will take place on 25-26 October 2019 in Bern, Switzerland.

This year's theme is "Multilateralism at Risk".

Location: UniS, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, 3012 Bern

The World Trade Forum is jointly organised by the World Trade Institute, the European University Institute and the Swiss Network of International Studies.

The 2019 World Trade Forum will bring together leading trade practitioners and scholars, government officials, representatives of international and nongovernmental organisations, civil society organisations, companies and media. This year's focus is on the factors putting the multilateral system at risk. High-level round tables will address issues such as the crisis of international economic dispute settlement, the role of China's economic model and the continuing challenge of addressing the needs of low-income developing countries. In addition, two panels will consider what lessons can be learned in the climate and investment regimes policy fields. Finally, a round table will be devoted to the International Labour Organization (ILO) that is celebrating 100 years of existence and consider how the fourth industrial revolution affects trade and jobs, and in this respect global labour governance.

Every year, a book related to the World Trade Forum is published by Cambridge University Press. For 2019 the focus is on the crises of settling disputes in international economic law.


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